Louis C.K. To Self-Release His 1998 Film Starring Steve Carrell, Amy Poehler


Before Louie was a smash hit on FX, comedian Louis C.K. was mostly known in the world of directing as being the guy responsible for Pootie Tang. While that may have been the directorial effort with the widest release, Louis has actually been responsible for a number of films, and sometime in February a never-before-released feature will finally see the light of day.

Titled Tomorrow Night, the next piece of media to be self-released by Louis C.K. originally premiered at Sundance in 1998. The film, which was the first to be written and directed by Louis, stars then-unknown actors Steve Carrell, Amy Poehler, JB Smoove, Wanda Sykes and many others, but for one reason or another never found distribution beyond the festival circuit. This February, C.K. is finally going to release the film on his official website, for $5.

Louis announced plans to release Tomorrow Night during a recent appearance on Jay Leno’s late night show. Speaking of the film and his intentions, Louis commented:

“I have a movie that I made in ’98, which is 15 years ago now, it’s the first movie that I made. It’s called ‘Tomorrow Night’ and it went to Sundance and all this stuff, but it never got released, ever. And I’m putting it out for $5 on my web site. It’s a big, funny movie. And you can see it starting in February.”

You can view a portion of Louis’ TV appearance at the end of this post.

We do not know when Tomorrow Night will be released, but rest assured we will update you as soon as more information becomes available. For now, bookmark Louis’ official site to make accessing the film easier when it does arrive online.

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