Eric Bana’s ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ In Hopes To Be The Next ‘Conjuring’


Screen Gems hopes they to garner another horror hit with this summer’s Deliver Us from Evil starring Eric Bana since last year they scored big with The Conjuring.

Usually scary movies are reserved for the fall to sit pretty next to Halloween, but the summer months may be just as good. The Conjuring proved this when it raked in more than $300 million worldwide last July.

Deliver Us stars Eric Bana as Ralph Sarchie, a New York police officer, who teams up with a priest who does things his way, played by Edgar Ramirez. The two join forces to take on demons that seem to be taking over the city. To make it even spookier, it’s based on a book that was built around Sarchie’s real-life cases – aren’t they all based on true stories?

We’ll have to wait and see if Eric Bana has what it takes when Deliver Us from Evil hits theaters on July 2.

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