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Hello! I’m Tarynn Law, and this is a weekly column I’ll be writing that spotlights some up and coming indie pop/alternative/hipster/hype/buzz bands/you-get-the-idea groups that you should be checking out before they become massive. I mean, we all want to be that person that says “I knew them way back when,” don’t we? I thought so.

Here we go!

Fickle Friends

Brighton five-piece Fickle Friends are new. Really new. Their debut single ‘Swim’ was just released a week ago but they’ve already hit the top charts on Hypem and set the tastemaker blogs ablaze with love. There’s a good reason for that, of course, and that being ‘Swim’ is one of the catchiest, most playful songs that to come out in quite some time; its filled with 80’s sounding synths and cheery melodies. However, despite the fun tone of the song, vocalist Natti Shine explains “It follows the idea that people get mixed-up in confusion and sometime feels like they’re drowning…that’s what Swim is.” If you like CHVRCHES or St. Lucia, you’ll adore ‘Swim’. Here’s to hoping they’ll find their way across the pond for some shows in 2014!

Arthur Beatrice

Arthur Beatrice know what they’re doing, and they’re doing it well. The Londoners have released a handful of singles in anticipation of their debut album Working Out which will be released through OAR./Polydor on 3 February. They’ve seen comparisons to a female-fronted Wild Beasts, The XX, and some of their music reminds me of The 1975’s more atmospheric work; it’s awash with dream-like dynamics and blends together elements of R&B and indie to craft something truly special. They’re just about at the 1k follower mark on Twitter, so help them get there and give them a follow! You can also ‘like’ them on Facebook to find out more of what they’re doing (including what’s sure to be a beautiful La Blogotheque session, arriving soon). They’ll be heading out on their first ever US tour leading up to some shows at SXSW in Austin, and you can find all of those tour dates, and more of their music, here.

Sir Sly

You might not know Sir Sly yet, but if you’ve gone out to see previous #WGDC inductee Magic Man’s latest headlining tour or will be making your way to St. Lucia’s upcoming headliner, you certainly will soon. Their sound is a unique duality that’s rare to find;  their lyrics are hard hitting and touch on the darker times in relationships and in life, but the music that accompanies it is at times bright and cheery. More importantly, however, the trio’s music makes you feel. It’s filled with emotion and longing for things that were or are yet to come. The band were named Daytrotter’s #1 best session of 2013, which is quite the honor, and their song “Gold” has been steadily climbing the Sirius XM Alt Nation “Alt 18” charts. You can find all of their upcoming tour dates at their Facebook page, and drop by their Twitter to say hello! If you’re interested in hearing more of their music (which I recommend you do), you can do so over at their SoundCloud.

Fossil Collective

The recent polar vortex had me hibernating in my apartment for a few days (thanks, Minnesota) and during that time I listened to a lot of things that were more fitting for the season. I listened to my fair share of things like Kevin Devine’s back catalog and The Head and the Heart, but what was constantly in rotation was Fossil Collective’s latest album Tell Where I Lie. Released earlier in 2013, it’s a criminally underlooked folk album that, given the attention it deserves, could catapult the band into the indie/folk stratosphere among the likes of previously mentioned The Head and the Heart, Bon Iver, and Fleet Foxes. Tracks like “Monument” are filled with impeccable strings that swell and fade, providing the perfect background for those quieter nights at home. They’re currently planning a 2014 UK tour and hit the road in the states last year, so hopefully they’ll be back on this side of the Atlantic this year again too! You can find more information about the band over at their Facebook or Twitter.

That’s all for this week! I’ll be back next Thursday, and until then you can follow me on Twitter and let me know who you’ve been listening to lately!

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