FREE MP3: Que – “OG Bobby Johnson” (Walshy Fire & Kickraux Remix)


Need an extra pick-me-up for the day ahead? We’ve got you covered.

Trap music is all the rage right now, and if you ask me there is no hotter remix on the market this second than the Walshy Fire and Kickraux’s take on “OG Bobby Johnson.” Filled with deep bass, frantic glitches, and enough energy to reincarnate the entire 1915 Boston Red Sox, this track goes hard. Real hard. You can stream the track below.

I know there is a portion of music fans out there that believe EDM and all the variations of electronica found within its scene are merely mindless sound effects thrown together to amuse those too distracted by everything else in life to appreciate the power of a beautifully penned song, but I’ve found trap tracks to be quite helpful with getting yourself in motion each day. Waking up to trap music is like waking up to discover your roommates party from the night before is still going strong, only this time there is no mess to clean up and you’re not hungover. It’s a party in an mp3, and by clicking below you can add a great example of the scene’s best work to your personal collection.


James Shotwell

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