‘Yeezus’ Goes Platinum


The new year hasn’t been a fabulous one thus far for Kanye West. A cryptocurrency is using his name and face, which he doesn’t appreciate the way Coinye had hoped he would. When he took legal action, the currency turned from homage to South Park-referencing insult. Two days ago, TMZ revealed that Kanye West is the prime suspect in an assault case, an incident allegedly sparked when the victim shouted slurs at West’s wife, Kim Kardashian. That’s a rough two weeks, even for a rich and famous man with a wife and child.

Fortunately for West, he can still take solace in album sales (and also his wife and child). Controversy has done little to diminish the sales of his divisive 2013 album Yeezus. The RIAA has certified the album platinum after it shipped its one millionth copy, though it hasn’t quite yet sold that one millionth record. The album went gold on August 12 of last year, with the platinum certification listed as January 8. This is the seventh time West has gone platinum or better, with his six studio albums and his album with Jay-Z all having cleared the same bar.

Tyler Hanan

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