The Floozies Remix Queen, Create World’s First “Assthem” (Ass Anthem, Duh)

Photo of Freddie MERCURY and QUEEN

Ever since Miley Cyrus sparked the global fascination with twerking in 2013 we have been patiently waiting – and cautiously fearing – the day when a remix of Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” would arrive at UTG HQ. That day turned out to be today, and much to our surprise the results are far better than we could have imagined.

Created by The Floozies, “Assthem” (Ass Anthem, duh) takes Queen’s ode to bootyful women and turns it into a club-ready smash the boasts big bass, crazy samples, and that forever timeless hook everyone loves to sing. You can stream “Assthem” below.

Just to be clear: This song is not made for twerking. It’s the kind of remix created to take already great parties to another level, not change the mood entirely, and in that respect it succeeds greatly. Follow UTG on Twitter for more free music and news updates.

James Shotwell

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