UTG PREMIERE: Bornstellar – “Wake The World” (Lyric Video)


Today is a very exciting day at UTG HQ. Just a month after helping them announce of their existence, we have the good fortune of premiering the first single and lyric video from North Carolina hard rock outfit Bornstellar.

Featuring members of A Hero A Fake, Bornstellar is the latest hard rock band to make a splash on the national scene. They spent the fall of 2013 writing and recording their debut EP, which fans can expect to see released in the first half of this year, and “Wake The World” is the record’s first single. You can stream the song and view its official lyric video below.

“Wake The World” is also available on iTunes starting today.

We recently sat down with Bornstellar guitarist Eric Morgan to discuss the group’s origin, as well as the story behind “Wake The World” and their decision to make it the first song shared with fans.

UTG: Hello, Eric. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us on your first song release. How does it feel to finally share the music of Bornstellar with the world?

EM: It’s sincerely just the best feeling being able to finally get our music out there. We’ve worked incredibly hard the past six months getting the new band up and running and after so long keeping things under wraps, it’s a relief to finally let the world in. That relief comes in part from all the effort it took to get here but also because when you first start working on a new project like this, you really don’t know if it will ever see the light of day. So much has to go right to get all the pieces together and for everyone to get aligned behind the same concept but I couldn’t be more proud of my bandmates and everyone involved with Bornstellar for bringing this vision to fruition.

UTG: “Wake the World” seems like a fitting title considering it’s the first opportunity people will have to be exposed to Bornstellar. What can you tell us about the story behind the song and the message you hope people take away from their listening experience?

EM: This song is the first we wrote for the EP and it deals directly with our experience in the industry over the last few years. I think it was important that we wrote this song early on in the process because honestly, we had a bit of pent up frustration and anger that had accrued over the years and to get that out in the open, it was liberating. Being able to condense those emotions into this one song helped us kind of get a grip on what we were doing and where we wanted to go, and provided the space and freedom for us to dive into new themes on the rest of the songs.

UTG: How many songs do you have recorded at this point? What set “Wake the World” apart as the one to help introduce the band?

EM: We have a five song EP recorded and we decided to launch with “Wake the World” because frankly, that song is why we started the band. The lyrics tell you why we wanted to have this fresh start, what we were going through, and that nothing is going to stop us from creating music we’re passionate about. Musically, this song is pretty uptempo and I love how it flows between the verse riffs and the melodies around the chorus — there’s a lot of this kinetic, moving energy that drives throughout the track and it makes it so much fun to play.

UTG: When can fans expect to hear more from Bornstellar? Is their an album or EP on the horizon?
EM: Very soon actually. In February, we’re shooting a music video for our next single, “Dead by Sunrise”, with our friend and old tour pal Nicholas Prainito (Life As A Ghost). For the EP, we’re looking at releasing it sometime this spring.

UTG: What about tour plans? When can people expect to see Bornstellar on the road?

EM: We’re playing our debut show March 14th at our favorite hometown venue, Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, NC. We all grew up going to that venue, seeing our first shows there with bands like Hopesfall, Beloved, Glass Casket etc, and playing in our past bands as we grew from local acts to touring bands. It’s a special place with a staff we have come to love so we’re glad to get things started there. We also have a few more regional shows in the works for March that we’ll announce soon and we’re looking to start touring this summer.

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