UTG PREMIERE: Hailey, It Happens – “Holiday”


Massachusetts’ electronic pop duo Hailey, It Happens blew listeners away with their first two albums, and on January 28 they’ll do it once again when their brand new EP, Under The Brilliant Lights, arrives in stores. Today we are helping the band promote their latest release with the world premiere of the album opener, “Holiday,” which you can stream at the end of this post.

Chris Cleary and Bobby DiBari have been writing songs together since they were fourteen years old, but they have truly outdone themselves with Under The Brilliant Lights. We had the fortune of hearing the album in its entirety at the beginning of the week and have since found ourselves revisiting its warm, often romantic embrace several times since. We chose “Holiday” as the song we wanted to share because we feel it sets the tone for everything that is to follow, offering a catchy and heartwarming tale of young love that you want to spin again and again.

Under The Brilliant Lights will be available beginning January 28 on Bandcamp. A recent Facebook update detailing the album’s pricing system reads:

We also wanted to let you know about a bit of a change in how we’ll do things. From here on out, all digital copies of our music will be pay-what-you-want. We’re basically just paying for our records out of pocket, and giving away the results to all of you. This means that any penny you spend on a download or a CD will go right into studio time to make new music. So if you like what you hear, and want to hear more, any support you can give will help make that happen. We’ll also be putting all our previous music up as pay-what-you-want as well, so if you’re new to us, feel free to catch up on where we’ve been, and stay tuned for where we’re going.

We’re endlessly grateful for all the support we’ve gotten so far, and we can’t wait to share the future of this band with all of you.

Hailey, It Happens can be found on Twitter and Facebook in addition to their presence on Bandcamp. We know they have a bright future ahead and look forward to bringing you many more headlines on their activity as they year progresses.


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