BUMMER: No Malice Claims “There is no Clipse album in the works”


Well, this sure is a terrible way to start the weekend.

Speaking in a new interview with The Fader, No Malice revealed that talk of a new Clipse album being in the works was a bit premature.

“There is no Clipse album in the works,” he said.

Talk of a new Clipse album was originally sparked earlier this month when several sites, including KarenCivil, claimed to have exclusive confirmation of the group’s return to the studio. No Malice claims that is not the case, and that as far as he knows, both he and partner in crime, Pusha T, are currently working on solo efforts.

“At this point in time, my brother and I attack music from two different perspectives. We can pull off anything together and crush it, but right now I’m just somewhere else and he’s doing his thing.”

No Malice has embraced Christianity in the years since Clipse went on hiatus, and later in the same interview he admits that his faith plays a role in his hesitancy to resurrect the Clipse brand:

“I think the fans want to rekindle that whole entire lifestyle which I no longer live, but I will not be rapping like that. I was that, every bit of that lifestyle, and this is where I’m at now. I don’t condemn or have anything negative to say about anyone, this is just the move I chose to make.”

Before everything wraps up No Malice does leave a little sliver of hope that he and Pusha could bring Clipse back in the future, but insists it will not be happening anytime soon.

“It’s not going down. I don’t know where the rumor stems from. And I don’t know how this keeps coming back up—this isn’t the first time. But I would never play with the fans like that and act like something’s about to happen and it’s not. I’m very certain that it could happen. A Clipse album could be done. There would be nothing like it. … I have heard Pusha express that he really wants to do a Clipse album. He’s ready one hundred percent!”

We are too, No Malice. We are too.

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