MØ Releases Video For “Don’t Wanna Dance”


We’ve been hyping for some time now and as we continue to wait patiently for her debut full-length, No Mythologies To Follow, due out March 10, we continue to happily cycle through her previous material.

After releasing “Don’t Wanna Dance” less than two weeks ago, the new single from her forthcoming album has been given the visual treatment and today we’re happy to share with you the video which features a darker haired MØ and her friends dancing in a junkyard along with shots of MØ singing on a super rad loveseat and an opening scene that likely serves solely as an esoteric reference that’s over our heads. The song itself is catchy as hell, as to be expected from this Danish pop star, and with the instrumentation and production involved I wouldn’t be surprised to see this become a major hit. MØ deserves it and the track deserves to be recognized.

Stream the video after the jump and pre-order a copy of No Mythologies To Follow via Amazon or MØ’s official store.

Brian Leak

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