Self Defense Family Involved In Van Crash

Self Defense Family 2014

Self Defense Family, the punk/hardcore group formerly known as End Of A Year, announced today via Tumblr that they were involved in a van crash. Apparently everyone is okay and the gear was unharmed, but the van itself is in bad shape. At the time of posting, the band has not asked for money or given an outlet for fans and supporters to donate, but are open to suggestions and help. We’ll update you if anything pops up.

It seems like van crashes and robberies are more common than ever. To all of the artists who get into a van at the end of a night to get to the next show, be careful and stay safe. You can read Self Defense Family’s full post after the jump.

Van crashed.

So, our shit crashed on black ice. Everyone is ok, gear is ok, but van is janky and shitted on.

We’re considering all options for the next few days. Van rental for a week? Rideshare to the next three shows until we get our van back? Bullet train? Living in Seattle?

Hit us if you’ve got a lead.

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