More Than 180,000 People Want To See Justin Bieber Deported From The US


It’s time to celebrate democracy in the modern age, everyone!

Not that long ago, the Obama administration added a section to the White House website that allows any citizen with an idea to open a new digital petition. If that petition earns more than 100,000 signatures the Obama administration is required to issue a formal response to the request, and this morning there are literally thousands of people waiting to hear from Barack Obama on the topic of Justin Bieber. It seems at least 182,000 people want the pop star deported, and that means the White House must take a break from the various problems of the economy and world to focus on the kid who sang “Baby.”

That’s right, folks. The most powerful man in the world must now mix politics with pop culture because we do not know how to let go of our addiction to celebrity.


Justin Bieber has been all over the news in recent months, and the majority of the time his headlines have had very little to do with his music career. Instead, Bieber has been accused of visiting brothels, doing drugs, and generally being the kind of supreme asshole that only occurs when someone comes into far too much wealth and freedom at a young age. Most recently, these actions led to an arrest in Miami on charges of drag racing and driving under the influence. He’s due in court today, but as we mentioned above he may have bigger problems on his hands.

It’s worth noting that several of Justin’s fans have launched and began marketing a counter-petition asking that the request for deportation be ignored, but at the time of this post that petition had yet to cross the 100,000 signatures mark.

No word yet on when the Obama administration will respond to the call for action, but it seems very unlikely Bieber will be forced out our country anytime soon. Stay tuned for updates.

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