Stream He Is Legend’s New Song, “Something Witchy”

He Is Legend 2013

Until recently, He is Legend have remained relatively quiet in terms of touring, and while releasing teaser tweets and statuses helps to build anticipation for future releases, fans can only wait so long for a follow-up to their epic 2009 full-length, It Hates You. Now that the group has streamed “Something Witchy,” this wait looks to be a lot more manageable.

Seconds into listening to the song (which had originally hit the net via Lambgoat), it’s obvious that this North Carolina band hasn’t skipped a beat. “Something Witchy” sounds more slowed down than much of the band’s past work and displays a strong radio-rock influence, but that isn’t stopping us here at UTG from getting into it. You can listen to it for yourself by following the jump.

Further specifics on HIL’s upcoming 2014 full length remain unsaid, but you can rest assured that we’ll be among the first to tell you in the future. “Something Witchy” won’t be available on iTunes until February 18, however, it can be purchased right now, either individually as an mp3 download or within a special bundle through Tragic Hero Records’ webstore.

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  • XBlueCollarHardcoreX

    Go back to sounding like “Goodbye Hollywood”. Progression, reinvention, blah blah blah.

  • K. Bennett

    Goodbye Hollywood? Are you criticizing a band changing in sound but don’t even know their music? hummmm.

  • XBlueCollarHardcoreX

    Haha my mistake… I AM Hollywood! Whoops! Brain fart.