Required Listening: Marty Grimes Featuring G-Eazy – “Bang Bang”


There is no better way to start a day at UTG HQ than by discovering a new talent buried in the avalanche of emails that fill our inbox each and every morning. This week, that star in the making is California native Marty Grimes.

It’s hard to summarize the sound Marty Grimes delivers, but it definitely resides somewhere in the grey area where hip-hop and pop music collide. He’s a lifelong friend of UTG friend G-Eazy, and he’s even recruited the These Things Happen creator to help gain exposure for his debut single. You can stream that track, titled “Bang Bang,” at the end of this post.

Writing to UTG about the track and the life that influenced it, Marty explains:

G and I have been homies since we were kids and came up rapping together. Back then it was all about having the most slap, the most bass in your car, so “Bang Bang” was a perfect record to reconnect on – a high energy song that represents where we came from. This song serves as my official introduction to the world, a showcase of my own sound and style.

“Bang Bang” is the first single to surface off Marty Grimes’ debut album, Through The Smoke, which is scheduled to be released in March. If you like what you hear, be sure to follow Marty on your favorite social media network to ensure you never miss another track premiere.

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