True Groove Records Sign Worldwide Distribution Deal With The Orchard


Tomás Doncker’s True Groove label just recently signed a massive global distribution and licensing deal with The Orchard, teaming up to further represent and expand True Groove’s progressing label and “Global Soul” artists in what will inevitably be a massive year and future for Doncker and his talented cohorts.

Doncker explains, “We are very excited about True Groove moving forward with the Orchard. Both of our companies have a similar approach to the new music business model; vibrant, focused, enterprising and creative. And we are both fearless, innovative and love music. We’re thrilled to present a wide range of groundbreaking artists from young soul diva, Lael Summer, to punk legends Joe Bowie (Defunkt) and James Chance (Contortions). We believe our relationship with The Orchard is the best possible opportunity to bring our vision of Global Soul to the world.”

After the break you can view True Groove’s current release schedule for 2014, including a few releases that we’ve covered here at UTG.

True Groove’s current and upcoming releases for 2014:

Kevin Jenkins – Step Inside (January 7, 2014) [Interview]
Tomás Doncker Band – Howlin’ Wolf EP (January 7, 2014) [Review] [Interview]
Lael Summer – Burden to Bear (January 21, 2014)
Marla Mase – Half-Life (February 25, 2014) [Interview]

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