‘Ride Along’ Keeps Rolling Along

Ride Along 3

Three weeks in, and Ride Along‘s box office dominance remains unshaken with 12.3 million made this weekend. At this point, we’re left wondering how long of a tenure the comedy will have on weekend charts. Things haven’t changed much for Disney’s Frozen either, which has now been in theaters for the past 11 weeks, and has made a national total of a whopping 360 million, with 9.3 million being made this weekend.

Meanwhile, the newcomers that were That Awkward Moment and Labor Day charted rather low. Despite past claims and predictions, Zac Efron and Michael B. Jordan’s That Awkward Moment failed to match the success of Ride Along, instead only coming around at 9 million. Labor Day on the other hand was met with poor reviews (32% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 51% on Metacritic) and even poorer commercial reception, with 5.3 million in gross sales.

Follow the jump to see this week’s top ten highest grossing films, as provided by Box Office Mojo.

  1. Ride Along – $12,300,000
  2. Frozen – $9,300,000
  3. That Awkward Moment – 9,000,000
  4. The Nut Job – $7,600,000
  5. Lone Survivor – $7,100,000
  6. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – $5,400,000
  7. Labor Day  $5,300,000
  8. American Hustle – $4,300,000
  9. The Wolf of Wall Street – $3,600,000
  10. I, Frankenstein – $3,500,000
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