Dave Klein Confirms He Has Parted Ways With Black Flag


I think it’s safe to say that associating the word “drama” with newly reunited Black Flag is a mild understatement. They have essentially done nothing since they got back together and now they have lost their bassist, Dave Klein. He apparently hasn’t been with the group for at least a month, but officially announced on his Facebook page earlier today that he is no longer a part of the band. Instead, he has reunited with They Stay Dead.

You can read his confirmation by taking a look below the jump. As far as Black Flag is concerned, it does not appear that they have been up to much lately, except for an interview with Mike Vallely about joining the group as their new vocalist.

To avoid more PMs after today’s news out of the Black Flag Official camp… I guess I should OFFICIALLY (puns!) say that I’m no longer playing with BF. I suppose the following post from last month wasn’t exactly clear. Now go listen to They Stay Dead and Screeching Weasel. See ya soon at a show near you!

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