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We love helping up and coming bands get a little extra time in the spotlight, and today we’re thrilled to share with you the official track-by-track for the new EP from Chicago hard rock outfit Lionfight.

Available as a free download starting this week, the debut release from Lionfight showcases a band with passion and energy to spare. From the opening moments of Vortex, to the final crushing minute of “Vine,” this release packs a punch that all but assures us Lionfight are destined for great things. You can stream the album, access a download, and read the full track-by-track rundown below.

Lionfight have only a year of experience together, but there is something special on this EP that we cannot walk away from. 2014 could be a big year for them, so make sure you take the time to catch their live show when they come to a city near you. Head over to Facebook for more information on their future plans.


I wrote vortex to give our young fans a glimpse Into the vicious cycle the world puts our youth through. That the cycle is unbreakable. Because they make it unbreakable. Society is the most addicting drug.


Fake Friend is simple. I wrote Fake Friend to be an anthem to all the “friends” and family who ever doubted us. If you have a fake friend out there…push them around!


This song hits me the hardest. This song I wrote about my sister. 4 years ago she was sexually abused by my step dad. It was a hard time, a really hard time for my family and even myself. I needed to write something that I could express my feelings and even hers. I wrote this song so that way when my little sister closed her eyes, she knows that she’s not alone.


As a child, I had a pretty rough life. My parents weren’t perfect, and neither was I, but every single day felt like Hell. I never thought I’d leave that street… or that house. Wrightwood avenue made me who I am today, and I wouldn’t change a thing.


Vine was written about a time in my life where I was my worst enemy. This song takes you through mysterious parts of the mind and helps overcome the evil energies inside. It felt like the things I did in my life were not for me, but for something else. Vine helps me become one with absolutely nothing.

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