WATCH: Action Bronson Fights With Security In Portland

action bronson

Action Bronson seems like a pretty easy going guy, but if video from last night’s show in Portland is any indication of his behavior we suggest no one ever try putting the Blue Chips 2 rapper in a headlock.

According to sources, Action Bronson was involved in a small scuffle with security during a performance in Portland, Oregon last night. The incident happened after Bronson, taking a break from his lengthy set list, began lighting blunts and throwing them into the crowd. As soon as the first one was lit, security emerged on stage and tried to escort the rapper away. Bronson disregarded the guard’s presence and proceeded to light another blunt, but things quickly turned heated when the guard then decided to attempt putting Bronson in a headlock. You can view footage of the altercation below.

This is not the first time Action Bronson has made headlines for security matters on his recent tour. Pigeons and Planes has acquired video of the rapper body-slamming a fan in Seattle after security failed to stop the admirer from rushing the stage. Click here for the video.

People in attendance last night claim the venue followed this incident by playing white noise through the house sound system until the crowd dispersed. Neither the venue nor the PR team for Action Bronson have commented further on the incident.

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