Broken Bells, Sting, And More Pay Tribute To The Beatles’ First US Performance


This coming Sunday (February 9) marks the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ legendary debut performance on The Ed Sullivan Show. In honor of the Fab Four, David Letterman, who currently calls the Ed Sullivan Theater home, will be showcasing Beatles-inspired performances throughout the week. Thus far, Broken Bells joined forces with Ringo Starr to sing “And I Love Her,” while yesterday evening Sting stopped by with Mike Einsinger, Ivy Levan, and Paul Shaffer to perform “Drive My Car.” You can catch both performances after the break.

Letterman’s Beatles homage is set to continue tomorrow with Lenny Kravitz, while The Flaming Lips and Sean Lennon are expected to perform Thursday. Though nothing is set in stone, rumors are circulating that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will be performing together on Friday.


Kyle Florence

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  • kalie

    Loved watching Broken Bells performance. I’ve been obsessed with their new album After The Disco :)