Clay Aiken’s Congress Ad Plays With Emotions


The second season of American Idol was all about the friendship that blossomed between the top two contestants, winner Ruben Studdard and runner-up Clay Aiken. Over a decade later, Studdard’s losing weight on TV, and Aiken’s keeping himself pretty busy. He’s done music, went to Broadway, came out, and is now running for Congress in North Carolina. His first ad campaign definitely pulls on heartstrings but will it be enough to win?

After watching Aiken’s ad, you have to wonder why Lifetime or Hallmark hasn’t made a TV original movie based on his life yet. There are stories of domestic violence, living on the floor of a friend’s home and overcoming it all to be second place on what was once the best singing competition known to man. Hollywood’s really missing out on telling this tale.

He wasn’t able to win over America his first time out on the ballot, but came close. So here’s to hoping he has better luck in the political realm. You can watch Aiken’s ad below.

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