Original Haste The Day Vocalist Jimmy Ryan Teasing Band Announcement


Not long ago we brought you news that Haste The Day were beginning to tease what appeared to be a reunion coinciding with the ten-year anniversary of their debut album. Everyone involved with the record, including original vocalist Jimmy Ryan, tweeted a similar message, but no one would respond to our requests for additional information.

Today, Ryan uploaded a new video to YouTube announcing plans to reveal whatever it is Haste The Day have been planning on Valentine’s Day, February 14. The clip, which runs under a minute in length, shows Ryan explaining the steps fans need to follow to be the first to learn of HTD’s plans for the future. You can view the video below.

Is this an announcement about an announcement? Yes. But to be perfectly honest we’re a little too excited about the possibility for a Burning Bridges tour at the moment to care about shitty marketing tactics.

We’ll bring you more information on Haste The Day’s plans when additional details become available.


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