Ticket Scalpers Make Seeing Brand New This Summer [A Lot] More Expensive


Need a ticket for Brand New‘s essentially sold out summer tour? Try StubHub.

Tickets for Brand New’s insanely anticipated summer tour went on sale to the general public today at noon, and within minutes many markets were completely sold out. Fans who had been trying to purchase tickets from the moment they went on sale quickly turned to social networks to cry foul, and a little research by UTG shows they certainly have a reason to complain.

According to a search on StubHub seeking passes for Brand New’s summer tour, more than 1000 tickets have already been added to the re-sale site, some with prices nearly double the original cost. You can view a screenshot of the summary page below:

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 3.00.32 PM

The average price in most markets for tickets is currently around $85, with prices in many markets topping out above $150.

Brand New have yet to comment on this situation, but to be honest there is not much artists can do in these situations other than encourage people to refrain from supporting scalpers. The tickets have been sold, and it’s perfectly legal for whoever purchased them to try and sell them once more. We advise no one buy tickets from people they do not trust, especially not for double the original price (or higher).

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  • Kriston McConnell

    Ticket scalpers make me sick. I can understand if you buy a ticket and then need to turn around and sell it because you HAVE to for some reason. Buying it just to turn around and sell it for a profit though is disgusting.