‘The LEGO Movie’ Stacks Higher Than The Rest

The Lego Movie Still

It should come as no surprise that The LEGO Movie has obliterated the competition this weekend. Currently, the stop motion film is poised to finish the weekend with $69.1 million in the bank… not too bad for a movie based off of toy building blocks, right? Much of this success could be attributed to the presence of so many cameo appearances from franchises like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, along with the fact that the appeal of this movie bridges across generations.

Next up behind it came The Monuments Men, which is expected to rake in a much lower (yet still impressive) $22.7 million. The film, which was written, produced, directed, and lead by George Clooney, follows a WWII platoon of soldiers retrieving and delivering art pieces. Lastly, Vampire Academy, an action/comedy adapted from the young adult novel series by Richelle Mead made its debut this weekend and made $4.1 million in the process.

Check out our review of The LEGO Movie right here, and be sure to follow the jump to see this week’s ten highest grossing films, as provided by Box Office Mojo.

  1. The LEGO Movie – $69,100,000
  2. The Monuments Men – $22,700,000
  3. Ride Along – $9,400,000
  4. Frozen – $6,900,000
  5. That Awkward Moment – $5,500,000
  6. Lone Survivor – $5,300,000
  7. Vampire Academy – $4,100,000
  8. The Nut Job – $3,800,000
  9. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – $3,600,000
  10. Labor Day  $3,200,000
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