Fred Armisen To Lead Seth Meyers’ ‘Late Night’ Band

Fred Armisen Late Night

With the recent departure of Jimmy Fallon from Late Night, Seth Meyers, an SNL alum, will be taking over the reins as Fallon moves to The Tonight Show. One of the most pertinent questions regarding this change has been about the new Late Night band, and how, if possible, they could ever top The Roots. Thanks to NBC PR, we now know that none other than Fred Armisen, star of Portlandia, as well a former SNL veteran himself, will lead Meyer’s band.

With a slew of other well-versed musicians including Seth Jabour and Syd Butler from Les Savy Fav on guitar and bass, as well as Girls Against Boys’ Eli Janney on keyboard, and Kimberly Thompson who is a session drummer that has previously worked with Beyoncé, it can safely be said that Seth Meyers’ band is surely stacked.

Armisen’s involvement also begs the question as to whether he will be joining Meyers in various skits throughout the show, considering they worked so well together on SNL. I imagine this will happen in some capacity, but the actual understanding of that will have to wait until Meyers’ first show on February 24.

Drew Caruso

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