LYGER Get Into A “Power Struggle” With Their New Single


It’s been two weeks since up-and-coming London trio LYGER released the impressively edited video for their stellar breakout single “Stroke,” and the follow-up we’ve been waiting for is here as the band has revealed their next single, entitled “Power Struggle.”

If the riff powerhouse that was “Stroke” got your interest piqued and your body moving, then the band’s newest effort should certainly solidify their inclusion in your list of bands to watch closely this year. When LYGER gets around to releasing their debut album, the rock and roll ranks will have made some drastic changes as they climb the ladder to take the crown. I hate cats but the liger is the biggest one on Earth and you just don’t mess with that.

“Power Struggle” premiered over at DIY This Is Fake today so give it a listen or twelve there or right here after the jump, and make sure to see LYGER on their upcoming tour with Radkey and Turbogeist. The official poster can be seen after the jump as well.

radkey tour

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