UTG Premiere: Vanities – “My Generation” (Limp Bizkit Cover)


Say what you will about their standing in the world of rock today, but for a few years a decade ago Limp Bizkit were on top of the world. Their singles topped the chart, as did their albums, and whether or not they knew it at the time a generation of young minds were being influenced by the often over-the-top antics of Fred Durst and company. I’m part of that generation, as are the members of Vanities, and today UTG is proud to present the band’s brand new cover of the LB classic, “My Generation.”

We have talked about Vanities a lot in recent months, and for good reason. They kick a lot of ass. You probably did not need us to explain that to you, but it’s worth repeating. They do exactly what they want with their music regardless of how they believe the rest of the world will react, and it’s leveraging that willingness to try anything once that is quickly propelling them to the top of their scene. This cover, which was produced by The Plot In You‘s Landon Tewers, offers fans another side of a band most of the world is still very much getting to know. You can stream the track below.

When asked about the origins of the cover, bassist Dave Coletta explained:

Limp bizkit is a band we all kind grew up listening to. Chocolate starfish was one of the first CDs I ever bought. So we were driving to Michigan to track the new single we released last month, Victims, and spotify starts playing a bunch of limp bizkit, and a few others from that era/genre, and we just kinda decided “yeah we can bust out a limp bizkit cover while we’re at the studio”. Landon was on board, so we stayed 1 extra day and busted this out.

Vanities are one of our favorite bands on the rise right now, and we have no doubts they will continue to do big things in 2014. If you like what you hear, please take time to follow them on Facebook so you never miss another update.

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