Moonlit Sailor Announce New Album Due Out Next Week, Stream Two New Songs

We Came From Exploding Stars Cover

Moonlit Sailor have been promising big news since last year, and earlier today, the Swedish post-rock outfit finally made good on their word by announcing that their forthcoming album, We Come From Exploding Stars, will be released next Tuesday, February 25. Additionally, the four-piece also launched pre-orders, and are currently streaming two new songs, both of which you can check out here.

This will be the band’s third release through Deep Elm Records, who in the near future will be celebrating their 19th anniversary as an independent label.

“This album is the next step for Moonlit Sailor as a band. Although we are still a young band, we felt like we needed to navigate into new, and for us unknown, waters, without straying too far from out roots,” said bassist Markus Rundlof. “We have always been trying to write music that gives the listen hope and light. Because of that, hope and light is what we brought into the new waters.”

“That approach gave us a lot of creativity. We’ve never experienced such creative atmosphere in the band before and it never felt better. We knew we were on to something special,” added guitarist Joakim Wiik.

Judging by these first two tracks, which showcase the quartet’s beautifully fluid songwriting ability, it would seem that “special” will only be one of many words likely used to describe We Come From Exploding Stars. If I had to guess, “groundbreaking,” “mystifying,” and “stunning,” will probably be close behind.

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