The Weekend Of “Drunk In Love” Remixes Continues As The Weeknd, Diplo Join In


It’s the tail end of a Valentine’s Day weekend, one that fell not too long after Queen Beyoncé dropped a nuclear bomb on the pop wars of 2013, may they rest in peace. Just as it has been the song of the last few months, so too was Yoncé’s single the song of the weekend.

The track was already perfect for a wine-soaked weekend with a lover, but then some of hip hop’s biggest names started dropping remixes.

Detail, the track’s producer, dropped a high-minded monolith of a remix, a bigger than life beast that commands we bow down and worship at the alter of Bey. Then came the most blogged about one, with Kanye West dropping an (almost) unYeezuslike verse on the front of the track.

There were a few more modified mixes to trickle out following West’s headline-grabbing verse. Diplo turned the track into some even dirtier love, with his version more suited to a club at midnight than beach at dusk. Then Abel Tesfaye, The Weeknd, released a remix that, while completely transforming the track much as Diplo did, is completely different. This is to say that he turned it into a Weeknd track: sexy and slow, creating a different, drug-fueled kind of dirty. Listen to the latter two remixes below.

Tyler Hanan

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