Watch Weezer Play New Song “Back to the Shack” on the Weezer Cruise

Weezer Cruise

Last weekend, Weezer set sail for their latest Weezer Cruise, ditching all this snow for a much brighter time. Apart from great sets from Cat Power, Toro Y Moi, DIIV, and several other acts chosen by the band, Weezer performed their own highly-anticipated headlining set. What better time to debut new material than when surrounded by superfans in the middle of the ocean?

The band took this chance to debut a brand new track called “Back to the Shack.” It’s a self-aware ditty that gets a bit scruffier than their newer songs, with Rivers Cuomo going off about reality TV, the band’s drummer, and other middle-finger worthy topics (okay, Pat Wilson isn’t that bad). Prepare yourself now for the thundering drum finale that sounds like they may or may not have crashed into a giant rock, too.

Watch the footage below:

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