Check Out “Endlessly” From Nothing


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of writing about a band that had just made their way to my iPod, and it has been love ever since. The Philadelphia rock outfit Nothing are a group of musicians that know how to push the limits of sonic parameters. Cranking their knobs up to eleven, a live set from them in Boston was one of the loudest experiences of my life. They literally shook me to my core.

Continuing with the high caliber material released thus far from their stellar debut LP, Guilty of Everything, the ballad-like “Endlessly” is a welcomed addition to the previously released “Dig,” and “Bent Nail.” While slowing things down a bit compared to the other tracks, “Endlessly” leaves just as heavy of a mark when it is finished. With massive guitars, pounding drums, and airy vocals, Nothing create an epic that has left a kernel in my thoughts.

I remember when I saw them in Boston, I had only known a few of their tracks, so when I first heard the entire band come in during “Endlessly,” I knew had to track this song down. Many live YouTube videos later, we now can enjoy the beauty that is the recorded version.

Head over to Rolling Stone to experience it for yourself, and expect our review of Guilty of Everything closer to its March 4 release.

Drew Caruso

Drew Caruso is a Bostonian who, when not writing about music and film, spends his time getting lost in New England, reading books, talking about science whether people want to listen or not, and more. To see the thoughts of a scientist by day and a writer by night, follow him on Twitter.
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