You Can Finally Marvel At The First Trailer For ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’


We’ve been waiting many months for this very moment after being teased only with various images and video originally leaked from a Comic-Con reveal last summer. Tonight, the very first full, official trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy world premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as Star-Lord himself, Chris Pratt, was a guest on the late night talk show.

Pratt leads the Guardians, an unlikely troupe of badass “superheros” that originally teamed up in 2008 as the second team to take the name following the original set of unrelated characters from 1969. Alongside Parks And Recreation star Chris Pratt, Guardians Of The Galaxy boasts a stacked cast with some names you may recognize such as Vin Diesel, Benicio Del Toro, Zoe Saldana, John C. Reilly, Glenn Close, and Bradley Cooper as the voice of fan favorite Rocket Raccoon. The film opens in theaters nationwide on August 1.

You can view the exciting new trailer after the jump. Will you be lining up this summer to see the Guardians on the big screen opening day?

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