All Hail Queen Katy: The “Dark Horse” Video Is Here

katy perry dark horse music video

Go ahead and cancel whatever plans you have for the next hour. Katy Perry has just released the official video for “Dark Horse” and the visuals are going to keep you glued to YouTube for the foreseeable future.

Opening in the fictional land of Memphis, Egypt ‘a crazy long time ago,’ the official “Dark Horse” video finds Katy Perry taking on the role of queen. She rules over a gorgeous and well-lit world bursting with bright colors and men whose muscles seem chiseled from stone, but none of that can compare to the gang of cat-headed followers that wait on her every need. You can view the video below.

Did you see Juicy J as the world’s trippiest mummy? Nice touch.

Katy Perry goes all out for her videos, and this clip is certainly no exception. I would bet almost anything no one woke this morning expecting to see a Egyptian-style cart on hydraulics bouncing to Katy Perry’s latest single in a fictional world created entirely from the content of the Prism vocalist’s music, but here we are.

Prism is available now wherever music is sold.

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