Here Is The Rumored Cast For The ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Arriving In 2015


We are just over a year away from the June 2015 release date of the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, but 20th Century Fox has yet to announce who will lead the potential new franchise. On Wednesday, The Wrap reported that Fox is nearing deals with four young talents in hopes of creating a younger, presumably hipper team of heroes, and this morning we learned their identities.

According to this story, the potential cast for the Fantastic Four includes The Spectacular Now‘s Miles Teller (Mr. Fantastic), Frutivale Station star Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm), House Of Cards‘ Kate Mara (Sue Storm), and The Adventures Of Tintin‘s Jamie Bell (The Thing). None of these people have actually signed on for the film, but rumor has it all four are in various stages of final discussions. An official announcement is expected soon.

Jordan has been rumored for Johnny Storm – aka The Human Torch – since the middle of 2013, so his casting is not necessarily news. Kate Mara however, is brand new rumor, as well as a pleasant surprise. She held her own opposite Kevin Spacey on House Of Cards, so I have no doubt she can stand alongside Jordan. Teller, and Bell.

The Wrap articles does note that while these actors are expected to fill the roles, there is still time for changes to be made. Specifically, the story comments that Teller may have scheduling issues if his upcoming turn in Divergent spawns a new franchise.

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