Ski Lodge Stream “Our Love Is Over Now”

Ski Lodge

Is Andrew Marr related to Johnny Marr or is the name a mere coincidence? When the former’s band, Ski Lodge, gets dark, it’s hard to not acknowledge The Smiths influence, but is a Smiths influence ever a bad thing? Not to our knowledge.

Ski Lodge released their excellent full-length debut, Big Heart, late last summer but today they’ve released a brand new track that’s certain to hit you right in the feels. The name alone should give you an idea of what to expect, but “Our Love Is Over Now” is a dark and melancholy offering from this Brooklyn-based outfit with a flawless delivery that harkens back to some of the best, brooding English rock of the ’80s with obvious influences from frontman Andrew Marr’s personal favorites such as The Cure and, as mentioned, The Smiths.

Every aspect of this song is absolutely beautiful in the most depressing way. Get some tissues and listen through after the jump.

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