This Is All Now Robbed On Tour; Fundraiser Launched

This Is All Now

This week in unfortunate band robberies, we bring you This Is All Now.

While on tour with Hollywood Ending in San Antonio,  This Is All Now’s van was broken into. All of the band’s personal items in the van were stolen. Including wallets, electronics, gear, and medications. The New York-based five piece have kicked off a fundraiser to help finish the rest of the tour and get home safely.

If you’d like to help these boys out, you can donate here. A statement from the band can be read below.

Hey everybody,
This Is All Now’s van was broken into, ALL of our personal equipment was stolen, this included all personal items, laptops. ipads, music equipment, all bags. Everything!

We’re asking anyone that can help to help us get back all of these items, We are currently more than 24 hours away from home, and our live performance as well as our general functionality depends on a lot of the things that were stolen,

Anything you guys can give us, or even just tell other people about it, we seriously appreciate it

Our spirits are still high, were going to finish this tour strong!
We thank you guys so much for all of your support so far<3

List of items that were stolen to our knowledge

-sound gear
– Guitars
– stage Gear
– MacBooks/Laptops
– iPads
– Mixers
-Various Cables
– Shure In Ear Pack
– Shure In Ear Monitors
– Nikon D3100 Camera/Lenses
– 7 Backpacks
– All personal belongings (Clothes etc)
– wallets (Credit cards, passports, id’s, etc)
– Personal electronics

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