Watch Jesse Eisenberg’s ‘The Double’ Trailer


What’s better than one Jesse Eisenberg? Apparently the answer is two, because that’s the case in the upcoming thriller where he plays two men fighting for control of one life in The Double.

It could’ve been easier to just get Michael Cera to play the other Eisenberg, but then it would’ve likely come across as comical and much less suspenseful. That being said, The Social Network star plays both Simon the shy guy and James the alluring man trying to take over Simon’s life. The film also stars Mia Wasikowska, Wallace Shawn and Yasmin Paige.

It seems like people are into the whole Parent Trap thing this year. We had The Pretty One where a young woman assumes her dead twin’s identity and we’ll soon have Jake Gyllenhaal tracking down a guy who looks like him in Enemy.

Audiences will get to do a double take with Eisenberg when The Double hits theaters May 9. Before then, you can catch the trailer below.

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  • Brian Lion

    Now You See Me…Twice.