Justin Bieber Claims He Cannot Be “Broken” On Surprise New Single


So much for retirement.

Justin Bieber surprised fans around the world by releasing a new song this morning titled “Broken.” The track was released in a similar fashion to his #MusicMondays, only this time it arrived via a mixtape put online by his official DJ, Tay James. You can stream the song, which features Blake Kelly, below.

Bieber has become more and more direct with his lyricism in recent months, and “Broken” is no exception. Even though the music builds a funk-laden atmosphere, the sole focus of the song appears to be responding to the flood of criticism young J. Biebs has received in recent weeks. This comes to a head on the hook, which finds the Canadian crooner singing, “They give me what’s mine / someone like me is hard to find / Ooh, I cannot be broken / ooh, I cannot be broken.”

Bieber has made no announcements regarding plans for a new album or tour, and it does not seem likely that will change anytime soon. His entire team is working on damage control at the moment, which more than likely includes keeping public appearances at a minimum for the time being. We’ll bring you more on his plans for 2014 when additional information becomes available.


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