‘The LEGO Movie’ Dominates For Third Consecutive Week

the lego movie still

Even through an overall slow weekend for the box office as a whole, The LEGO Movie’s still been cranking out big numbers ($31.5 million), and in doing so, holding onto its #1 spot in weekend sales for the third week in a row. This now raises the total count of domestic sales for the film to an astonishing $183 million.

This weekend’s debut films didn’t fare so well in comparison to LEGO, which is expected for releases following a three-day weekend. 3 Days to Kill, which stars Kevin Costner as a veteran spy on his final assignment, pulled in an estimated $12.3 million. And then there was Pompeii which took the concept of a “disaster film” to a whole new level when it tanked with only $10 million in sales, which wouldn’t be as bad if it weren’t for the $100 million budget that it had been given with expectations of a better performance.

Be sure to check out our recent review of About Last Night right here. Follow the jump to see the full listing of this week’s top ten highest grossing films, as provided by Box Office Mojo.

  1. The LEGO Movie – $31,500,000
  2. 3 Days to Kill  $12,300,000
  3. Pompeii  $10,000,000
  4. RoboCop – $9,400,000
  5. The Monuments Men – $8,100,000
  6. About Last Night – $7,400,000
  7. Ride Along – $4,700,000
  8. Frozen – $4,400,000
  9. Endless Love – $4,300,000
  10. Winter’s Tale – $2,100,000
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