Stream Real Estate’s ‘Atlas’ In Full


When New Jersey’s Real Estate announced their follow-up to the excellent 2011 effort, Days, it quickly jumped to the upper rungs of my most anticipated list for 2014. Luckily, the wait was well worth it as Atlas does not disappoint. In many ways, it’s Real Estate through and through but the growth is there and fans of the band’s previous works will certainly be relieved.

Atlas is set to release next Tuesday, March 4 via Domino Records here in the US but the band is currently streaming the album in its entirety via iTunes’ First Play, so if you were on the fence before about purchasing a pre-order, you can listen through now and seal the deal.

You can pre-order your copy here on vinyl or CD and check out the band’s recent video for “Crime” after the jump.

Guitarist/vocalist Martin Courtney recently told Grantland, “Pretty much every take on the record is a full live take — like guitar, bass, drums, all playing together in a room. That was a big part of it for us, trying to capture that feeling. . . With Days, it was like we did it piecemeal and so for my rhythm guitar parts, I was sitting there in the control room playing a guitar with headphones on, just trying to play it as perfect as possible, trying to get every little arpeggio right. With this record, I wasn’t really focusing on that as much, and I think it comes through in a way that it’s less rigid. It feels a little more organic, I guess.”

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