Lupe Fiasco Continues Feeling Generous; Debuts “Snitches 2”


Just hours after sharing “Snitches” with the world, Chicago emcee Lupe Fiasco surprised everyone by delivering an unexpected (and completely badass) sequel.

Both songs play fine on their own, but to fully appreciate what you’re about to hear it’s best you experience “Snitches” first. If you missed it, click here and catch up. We’ll wait.

Anyway, the follow-up to the reasonably smooth and laid back “Snitches” is pretty much the complete opposite in terms of energy and structure. Lupe attacks the verse and hook on his own, creating a fast-paced listening experience that brings to mind the best moments of The Cool while still feeling like a fitting continuation from what we heard on The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1. You can stream and download the song below.

Lupe is reportedly in the studio right now working on Tetsuo & Youth, which is due out later this year. We’ll bring you more details on that effort one additional information becomes available.

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