Nai Harvest Stream ‘Hold Open My Head’

Nai Harvest - 'Hold Open My Head'

Nai Harvest are streaming their newest EP, Hold Open My Head, over at Stereogum. The four track EP from the British emo duo is a culmination of years of cherished indie music, all packaged within a bright, fuzzy, and alluring four song package.

With “Rush,” and “Hold Open My Head” already released, the two newest tracks, “Pastel,” and “I Don’t Even Know,” add to the variability of the offering. With “Pastel” as a more drone adventure, “I Don’t Even Know” is an eccentric track that closes the work beautifully.

But, enough talk, head over to Stereogum and experience the work for yourself.

Be sure to follow us after the jump to take a peek at the band’s music video for “Hold Open My Head,” if you missed it.

Drew Caruso

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