LAVOLA This Book is my Cowardice

Providing listeners with a healthy mixture of influence ranging from My Chemical Romance to The Blood Brothers, LAVOLA is a Florida post-hardcore act ready to turn heads through their own brand of melodic controversy. Gearing up to release a brand new LP titled This Book is My Cowardice on March 4, LAVOLA has teamed up with Under The Gun for an exclusive release of a band new track, “Dry Socket,” and an interview giving fans the scoop on the new record.

“Dry Socket” is one of the more particularly abrasive numbers off of This Book is My Cowardice, sending the listener into a spell of sinister and calculated chaos. Overtly emotional and attractively strange, “Dry Socket” is the type of track that sends a euphoric tingle down your spine, aching you to come back for more.

Click “Read More” to check out the track now and to read an exclusive interview with LAVOLA mastermind, Julian Cires. Be sure to leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

Hi, Julian. Thanks for joining us today! Really enjoying what I am hearing from the new LP. Tell me more about the release and what it means to you.

Thanks. This Book is My Cowardice was a difficult record to finish, so I appreciate the feedback. The completion of the album was a year’s worth of obstacles, countless setbacks, and sleepless nights. To think that it’ll be released next week is unreal to me, but I’m very proud of what it became and what it conveys. All super cheery and positive sentiments, of course.

How does this release differ from the 2011 EP, Leaving Paris, that you dropped? 

Sonically, this new album explores a more experimental range. It’s noisier, more aggressive, yet also contains a more ethereal and symphonic quality that wasn’t as present in Leaving Paris. The member addition of Emily Dwyer, who contributes violin and vocals throughout the album, obviously added to the symphonic element of the record; however, Emily also helped me see this particular work through to the end, which ended up being a pivotal role. I’m not sure I could have trudged through it by myself.

Tell me more about the track we are featuring today, “Dry Socket.” 

I wrote “Dry Socket” in 2009, but it never really found a home until now. The lyrics introduce a defilement theme, which is somewhat prevalent on the record.

You appear to have garnered a lot of positive attention in the Florida scene. What do you think you guys need to do as a band to make it? 

There are a few elements to being in an indie band now that feels slightly awkward to me, in so far as networking and politics are concerned. But the two things that will never feel unnatural are performing and writing music that we’re proud to play. We’ve accomplished the latter and intend to play in and outside of Florida in support of this record. I’m also really excited to meet our out of state supporters. Regardless of what happens after that, we’ll still be immensely proud of the art we’ve shared.

What should fans most look forward to with this release?

Blood, fire, and confetti.

Finally, give us a little insight into 2014. What should we expect from you all for the rest of the year? 

Shows, tour, and perhaps more new music. I’m already planning the next record and have new songs in the pipeline that’s we’re really excited about.


By Matthew Leimkuehler (@callinghomematt)

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