CHON Stream ‘Woohoo!’ EP In Full

chon woohoo

I remember the first time I heard a CHON demo some five or six years back and knew immediately that if the incredibly young band could stick it out that they would easily gain a following. Here we are years later and the once purely instrumental four-piece are on tour with Animals As Leaders, After The Burial, and Navene-K (ex-drummer for metal titans The Faceless, Animosity, and Fleshwrought). So I think it’s safe to say that they’re well on their way to acquiring that following and then some.

On March 4, the San Diego outfit will release their second EP, a follow-up to last year’s Newborn Sun. Their newest effort, with a title worth cheering about, is streaming in its entirety over at Revolver ahead of its forthcoming release. Take advantage of the opportunity to listen through this stellar 6-track release and if you dig what you hear, you can order yourself a copy alone or in a bundle over at the band’s webstore.

Stream Woohoo! below and make sure to catch CHON opening for Animals As Leaders as they prep to release their own brand new album that comes out March 25.

animals as leaders tour

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