Pop Music Will Save Us All: Mike Naran – “As It Seems”


Spring may be less than three weeks away, but so far New England does not seem to care. The world outside UTG HQ has been below freezing for the better part of a week and the temperatures show no sign of rising anytime soon. Fortunately, great music still has the ability to take us places, and every time we hear Mike Naran’s “As It Seems” we’re allowed a few brief moments of summer (before being thrust back into a frozen city with slippery sidewalks, ill-mannered pedestrians, and an almost ever-impending chance of snowstorms that could royally screw whatever plans you have).

You might not know the name Mike Naran just yet, but you’re more than likely familiar with his history in the music scene. Mike has worked with Sparks the Rescue, Breathe Carolina, and The Ready Set. In 2014 he is stepping out on his own in a big way, and he’s kicking off those efforts with the release of a new song called “As It Seems.” It’s the kind of insta-catchy pop rock jam that feels crafted specifically for Mid-July getaways with your closest friends. A burst of anthemic pop energy that can and will shake the apathy of winter from your shoulders – even if only for a moment – and remind you that fun in the sun is (hopefully) just a few weeks away. You can stream the single below.

If The 1975 decided to write an album influenced by pop rock Warped Tour bands from the mid-2000s the results would be something akin to Mike Naran. What’s not to love?

Naran is currently on tour with Breathe Carolina and has plans to release his debut solo EP on April 8. We have no additional information regarding the album at this time, but we do plan to cover Mike’s efforts heavily moving forward. If you like what you hear, please reach out on Twitter and tell him yourself. We’ll bring you more details on his efforts as soon as additional updates become available.

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