UTG @ SXSW 2014: The Must-Follow Twitter Accounts


FREE STUFF. Okay, now that I’ve gotten your attention, read up. SXSW is an event fueled by freebies, word-of-mouth opportunities, and (most recently) social media. Follow the right accounts, be in the right places, do the right things and you could very easily make it through the week not spending a dime on booze, food, or good music. Okay, maybe getting through the week without spending a dime isn’t entirely true…but, if you play your cards right on social media, you do make things a lot more inexpensive and equally as fun on yourself.

Capitalizing on every unique and unforgettable opportunity thrown your way is an unwritten law of SXSW and following the Twitter accounts we have listed after the jump will make finding that unforgettable showcase, happy hour, and free lunch much easier.

Cameron @ SXSW (@CameronAtSXSW): Cameron is the go-to on all of the showcases’ scoops. He doesn’t miss a single event and gives his followers everything they need to know. Nothing happens in Austin during SXSW that this dude does not tweet about.

SXSW Underaged (@SXSWUnderaged): Not 21 but still stoked on going to Austin? Lucky for you, Twitter has an answer for everything you can and probably should do while waiting out for the big 2-1.

SXSW Line Buddies (@SXSWLineBuddies): Snag and swap +1s all while sharing stories about the crazies you meet while waiting in line.

ATXshhh (@atxshhh): The Twitter handle formerly known as @SXShhh, this account sorts parties by venue, band, and date for $5.

South By Free Noms! (@southbyfreeNOMS): This one is pretty self-descriptive. Free food, duh.

Do512 (@Do512): Creatively designed and impressively organized, Do512 lists everything happening in Austin with links to RSVP.

SXSWhoa (@SXSWhoa): Setting all of the rumors straight, SXSWhoa is a great source for keeping in the loop on what is confirmed and denied during the festival.

Spin @ SXSW (@SPINsxsw): Yeah, they talk about their shows — but we’re in it for the giveaways.

South By Free Drinks (@sxswfreedrinks): Although inactive for 2013, our wallets hope South By Free Drinks will be resurrected for the 2014 festivities.

SXSWPARTYGIRLS (@SXSWPARTYGIRLS): Self-proclaimed party professionals, this is the account you want to follow if your goal is getting as weird as humanly possible every night in Austin.

SXSW Baby! (@SXSWbaby): Looking to connect with others to discuss all of the news leaking out of the conference and festival? SXSW Baby provides unique news and discussion on everything taking place leading up to and during the week.

IFC at SXSW (@IFCsxsw): Yes, film folk — there’s an account to keep you in the loop on all of the breaking cinema news taking place across the city.

Did we miss an account you follow? Let us know in the comments!

List created by Matthew Leimkuehler (@callinghomematt) and Nina Corcoran (@nina_corcoran)

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