UTG PHOTOS: We Butter The Bread With Butter (2/16/14)

WBTBWB banner (620x320)

Under The Gun sent photographer, Kellie Gannon, to photograph We Butter The Bread With Butter at St. Andrews in Detroit on February 16, 2014.

We Butter The Bread With Butter. Say that five times fast, I dare you. For starters, this band is my wild card pick for band to watch in 2014. As a fan of many genres, I’m always looking for new tunes and bands with a unique sound and when I started YouTube-ing around for this band’s previous work, I stumbled upon their extensive appearances at European festivals and tours and was instantly impressed. Don’t judge WBTBWB based on name alone, go in with zero expectations and allow their German electronic deathcore to open your mind, explode your eardrums, and make you dance along like you never thought possible.

I was on a weekend road trip to Michigan and was able to catch WBTBWB at St. Andrews along with Honour Crest and Lions Lions. Honour Crest got the night started, and we could hear them rocking out and shaking the building all the way from the parking lot. Lions Lions, post-hardcore rock outfit from Boston, took the stage with unrivaled liveliness. Though the crowd wasn’t overpowering, the energy within the crowd was undeniable, especially during crowd favorite, “Milestones.” Lead vocalist, Joshua Herzer, gave the audience ample attention, leaning forward to share the mic with fans during some of the hardest songs. Their last album, 2012 release To Carve Our Names was a focus of the set and they left the fans with an adrenaline rush and anticipation for the headliner.

WBTBWB brought fog and crazy lights to their stage set along with the energy of a festival performance to a much smaller, intimate venue setting. They rocked out like they were on a stage four times the size. I admittedly couldn’t understand half the lyrics as most of the hour-and-a-half set plus three-song encore was in German, but the music, beat, energy, and catchiness of every tune more than made up for any language barrier. To make this band even more relatable, they reminded me of a German Asking Alexandria. Since their inception in 2007, they have released one EP and three studio albums including 2013 album, Goldkinder.

If you’re looking for a new band to knock your socks off, look no further than WBTBWB. And for how hard they rock, I’m sure someone in the pit lost a shoe. There’s always one in every crowd. There are still plenty of dates left on this tour, be sure to check these bands out when they make a stop in your town! See all the photos below from this fun show!


LionsLions001 (620x413)

LionsLions002 (413x620)

LionsLions003 (413x620)

LionsLions004 (413x620)

LionsLions005 (413x620)

LionsLions006 (413x620)

LionsLions007 (413x620)

LionsLions008 (426x620)


WBTBWB001 (413x620)

WBTBWB002 (413x620)

WBTBWB003 (413x620)

WBTBWB004 (413x620)

WBTBWB005 (413x620)

WBTBWB006 (413x620)

WBTBWB007 (413x620)

WBTBWB008 (413x620)

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WBTBWB010 (413x620)

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WBTBWB012 (413x620)

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