Tool’s New Album Is Allegedly Complete; 2014 Release Expected


The number of times rumors about Tool and whether or not they would be releasing a new album any given year has rolled through our inbox is crazy high at this point, but the following story is one we’ve chosen to believe. If we’re eventually proven wrong sometime in the future, let us go ahead and apologize now.

Tool are reportedly “100% done” with their long-awaited new studio album. This, according to an unnamed source Crave Online trusts enough to publish. The story goes that guitarist Adam Jones confirmed to fans in Portland during a recent VIP meet and greet that the band is completely finished with a new record and hope to release it by the end of 2014.

This means a new Tool record would have to be announced, promoted, and released within the next 9 months. Of course, they could always go the Beyonce route and drop it out of nowhere. I wouldn’t exactly put such an idea passed them.

The official website for Tool has yet to confirmed these rumors, but if anything changes we will be sure to let you know.

James Shotwell

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  • Kobi Gottesman

    I would not trust Tool’s official website for nothing, 10000 days still doesn’t appear there…

  • ohshutThefuckup

    He was also reported as saying this then laughing and saying Just kidding it’s no where near complete but it is definitely in the works.