Watch The Official ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ Trailer


You don’t have to do a lot in a trailer to freak people out, at least that’s what the people behind Deliver Us From Evil are going for in the official trailer.

Last time we saw Scott Derrickson’s work, he was directing Ethan Hawke as a writer losing it in Sinister. Now with Deliver Us we’ll get Eric Bana as NYPD’s Ralph Sarchie, a cop with his own personal issues who then has to deal with demons and possession. You’re like, “whatever” – until it gets that chilling “based on true events” banner, then it makes you think twice.

This trailer opens with some quick shots, but then gets to what’ll probably be one of the spookiest scenes in the film. Anything involving a kid’s room is scary. On top of doors that shut on their own and the idea a boogeyman’s under the bed, you get toys that move on their own.

Watch for yourself and note Deliver Us From Evil opens July 2.

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