Former Sleeping With Sirens Guitarist Jesse Lawson Announces New Project

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Back in October, Jesse Lawson, the now former guitarist of Sleeping With Sirens, parted ways with the Orlando-based outfit, instead choosing to focus his time on his growing family and “next musical venture.” After nearly six months, earlier today Lawson finally revealed that said venture will actually be a new 6-song EP entitled Chapter II, as well as a brief documentary to be released around the same, detailing the music business and his personal life. As self-producing an album is a pricey endeavor, the guitarist has likewise launched an Indigogo campaign to help fund this newest undertaking, which you can contribute to here.

You can check out Lawson’s official announcement video, as well as his personal statement on the project, after the jump. Presently, Chapter II is slated for a May release.

Hello Everyone! 

                        My Name is Jesse Lawson, most of you know me from my previous band Sleeping With Sirens. I recently had my first child with my wife and decided to take a break from touring the world non-stop. However, I am not done with music, at all! While in Sirens, I was always writing and wanted to release something where I could express my heart through lyrics and singing. Now, I am at a point in my life where I can do that, which is very exciting!

I need your help! I am doing this whole project on my own. No Label, No management, No agents, etc.. and that is extremely hard to do. Paying everything out of pocket, such as Recording, Mastering, Merch, promo pictures, artwork, as well as a behind the scenes Documentary looking into my personal life, studio life, and even tour life is going to take a lot of money. But, with you, my amazing family, friends, and awesome fans, we can make this happen. I want you all to feel just as much a part of this project as me, that’s what makes this so special. So, check out the perks I am offering and please be a part of “Chapter II”

Most of all..Thank you for embarking on this Journey with me. You are making my dreams come true.


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